Herbs in the kitchen!


I love to use fresh herbs when I cook. To marinate your meat in a mix of dried and fresh herbs gives the meat an incredible good flavor. Keeping the herbs alive and well in a flowerpot in the kitchen is a different story..

During the summer I grow my herbs outside in the backyard, but during the winter I by new herbs and plant them into flowerpots in new soil. But they always end up in a coma, and sadly never wake up again. I do this over and over again. But as soon as spring comes along and I plant my herbs outside they’re some how having a blast and sometimes they even decide to come back the next year.

Growing herbs in your kitchen during the winter is not I repeat NOT easy. But, hey! I’m not giving up anytime soon. I will keep trying until I find out the key to growing my herbs in the kitchen.

If you have any tips or advice what so ever on how I can keep my herbs in the kitchen during the winter alive and well, then please leave a comment down below. 🙂  ( The photo was taken last year, before I re-planted them in a flowerpot with new soil.)


  • Hetty

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