Hetty’s Chocolate Mousse!



The other day I was looking through my grandmothers old dessert recipes, and I came across this beautiful little dessert recipe. I remember that she used to make this for me when I was a kid. After some back and forth I decided to give it a try, what do you know it turned out pretty OK, not as good as I remember hers but pretty good considering ti was my first time making it.


2 dl double cream
225 G Cooking chocolate
4 Yolk
2 Egg white
100 g icing sugar


How to make Hetty’s Chocolate Mousse:

Start by whipping the double cream until soft cream and then put it in the fridge. Then melt the chocolate gently in a water bath.(use low temperature and stir every once in a while).

Whip the egg whites with powdered sugar then gently mix together the melted chocolate with the yolks, gently stir inn  the cream and finally the stiff-whisked egg whites.

Put the chocolate mousse into serving glasses and finish it by placing the mousse in the fridge to cool for at least two hours before serving. When the Mousse is ready for serving, take them out of the fridge, and sprinkle some rasped dark chocolate on top before serving it up! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much has my family and I have during all these years.

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