Hetty’s Pulled Pork Wrap!


Pulled pork can be easy to make, and why not use it for a wrap? I can’t think of a single reason why. I came up with this idea one day I had no clue what to have for dinner. I took what I could find and I ended up with an amazing pulled pork wrap.


4 Wheat Tortilla

550 g pulled pork



Chili explosion spice mix

Grated cheese




Hamburger dressing/sauce


How to make Hetty’s Pulled Pork Wrap

Warm the Pulled pork as written on the label. While the pulled pork is in the oven, start by mixing together chopped cucumber, corn and sliced mushrooms into a mixing bowl and season with Salt, Pepper and Chili explosion. Place four tortilla’s on the counter. When the pulled pork is done in the oven start by rip it gently apart using two forks. Place a good amount of meat on each wrap and then add the vegetable mix, add hamburger dressing/sauce on top before topping it off with some grated cheese.  Wrap them together, tie a sting around the wraps so it doesn’t open. Place all four wraps ( when they’re wrapped and tied up) into a greased casserole dish, and cook it in the oven for about 10 minutes. Place them on a serving board or on a plate, cut off the string and serve it up! You can serve a salad on the side if you want to, or some garlic bread.

The flavors are amazing and It’s a perfect way to use pulled pork, you don’t always have to serve it as a burger, it’s just as awesome to serve it up like a wrap as well.


  • Hetty

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