Hetty’s Greek Salad!


Greek salad is something I make almost everyday for lunch during the summer. It’s not only perfect for a lunch on a hot summer day, it’s also perfect as a side dish to any dish you might make. This is a salad that’s perfect for any occasion.


4 Tomatoes

200 g Feta Cheese

Half a cucumber

Half a red onion




Dried basil

Dried Oregano

1 clove of minced garlic

Extra virgin olive oil


How to make Hetty’s Greek Salad:

Wash the cucumber and the tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes in half, and slice them up and add them into a mixing bowl.  Peal and slice the onion in half, and slice it up and add it into the mixing bowl with the tomatoes. Cut half the cucumber side-ways, then use fork and drag it over the cucumber so it get kind off a rough look. ( This helps the cucumber to absorb the juices and spices from the dressing/vinaigrette. Then slice it up and add it into the mixing bowl. Cut the Feta cheese in dices and mix half of it into the mixing bowl and put the other half aside.

Then start making the dressing/vinaigrette.

Use a mortar and pestle, add some olive oil, the juice of half a small lemon or a lime. add salt, pepper, chili flakes, dried basil, dried oregano, and one minced garlic. Mix it all well together and pout it over the vegetables in the mixing bowl. Mix it all well together and add it into a serving bowl. Place the rest of the feta cheese on top as a garnish, and sprinkle some dried basil and oregano on and the dish is ready to be served. If you’re not serving it right away, take some plastic foil over and put it into the fridge until you’re using it.

I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post!

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