Hetty’s Pasta casserole dish!

I love a good casserole dish, and I love pasta. Why not combine the two and make a pasta casserole dish right? It’s perfect!  I make this dish all the time. Its’ tasty, got a lot of good flavor and if you know tomorrow is going to be a stressful day, then this dish is perfect to make the night before so you can just through it in the oven when you get home the very next day.  You can even put it in the freezer if you got any leftovers. You can serve it with a salad and roasted garlic bread on the side. There is nothing I don’t love about this dish, literally nothing. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family and I do.



4 shallots

1 TS bouillon powder (for dark meat)


Tuscan spice mix

Chili explosion spice mix

Dried basil

Dried Oregano

All-around spice mix

1 Dolmio Alforno – Creamy tomato oven baked sauce

400 g of ground beef

Grated cheese

1. Start by pre-heat the oven to the degrees written on the Dolmio sauce.

2. fill up a boiler with water and a TS of Bouillon powder.( When the water starts to boil, add the penne and let it cook for about 10 minutes.)  Chop up the four shallots, put about a TBS of butter into a frying pan before adding the shallots, and let it fry on medium heat for a couple of minutes before you add the ground beef. Add 2 cloves of minced garlic and the all the spices. Let it cook until the meat is golden brown.

3. Take a caseroll dish and sprinkle some oil into it so the dish doesn’t stick or burn. Add the cooked ground beef, and spread it evenly around the bottom of the caseroll dish. Add some off the re-cooked penne and start vending it together, add more of the pre-cooked pasta if you want more texture, and measure the amount after who many people you’re cooking for. Then add the Dolmio sauce, and vend it inn gently. When everything is mixed perfectly together, add one or two layers of grated cheese( or slices of cheese) and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes or as written on the Dolmio sauce.

The only instructions I use that’s on The Dolmio sauce is how many degrees to pre-heat the oven too and how long it’s supposed to cook in the oven. Everything else I’ve figured out myself as I was experimenting in the kitchen because the very first time I bought this sauce I did exactly as written on the sauce bottle and I felt that it didn’t have a lot of flavors, it lacked a lot of flavors. so the second time I made it I tried to do it my own way and I ended up with today’s recipe and the flavors were amazing and I really recommend trying it.

  • Hetty

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