How to turn store bought marinara sauce into your own.


I often make homemade marinara sauce, but when I’m in a rush, or I’m not up for spending three hours in front of the stove I use a store bought marinara sauce. I often feel that it got lack of taste, it needs a push in the right direction. I started experimenting with different spices, and I added ground beef, and served it with pasta and it turned out amazing after I’d been experimenting a few times. Most of us don’t get it right the first time we try something new, or when we start experimenting with food. This recipe is a Gold Winner and you should try it or make your own twist to it! It’s easy, it’s fun and even though you might experimenting a few times before getting your own twist on it, it’s worth it! I use this recipe every time I use store bought marinara sauce.


Half an onion

1 clove of garlic

1 Marinara sauce ( 800 g)

400 g Ground beef

Chili flakes

Tuscan spice mix


All around Spice mix




150 g sliced Mushrooms

This is what you do:

Cut the onion into dices, and put them into a skillet with some butter. When the onion gets a golden glazed color add the ground beef. Season with Pepper, Chili flakes, Tuscan spice mix, all around spice mix, basil and oregano mix it all well together and add one minced clove of garlic and the mushrooms.  When the meat is cooked, add the Marinara sauce, let it cook as instructed on the label. Add some grated cheese, a TBS of butter. This sauce is creamy and flavorful.  Perfect to serve on top of some good pasta! Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top before serving!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family and I do, and remember the most important ingredient is to cook from your heart with love.

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