Home cook chef!



Home cook don’t get as much credit as they should. There are a lot of people, millions of people including me who are excellent home cook chefs. I call them home cook chefs because that’

s what they are. If you ask me home cooks can be just as talented as any chef at a fancy expensive restaurant anywhere. The only thing that separates the home cook chef from a chef working at a fancy expensive restaurant is education. But to be completely honest you don’t need an education to become an amazing, talented chef. All you need is a kitchen, good ingredients, a passion for cooking and a whole lot of practice. As stay at home women, we are expected to keep the house clean, do laundry, go grocery shopping and put food on the table. One should believe that we would get a lot more credit for that then we do. Being at home all day doing everything a stay at home woman are expected to do it’s a full time job. I’m not a stay at home mom,( I have no kids.) or a voluntarily stay at home woman, but I’m a woman and I’m at home all day so that should count for something. I’m a writer, and I usually  work on my book and my writing all day.  But I do have passion for cooking. I love to cook. I have no education when it comes to cooking, but what I do have is experience, practice and both my mom and my grandmother have thought me a lot in the kitchen. My mom is still teaching me all kinds of techniques and tricks in the kitchen. I know a lot, but a wise person once told me you can never know to much when it comes to cooking. You will always learn something new in the kitchen, new techniques, new twists to a recipe or a new way of preparing the food you’re cooking.

As home cooks we tend to use our family recipes, new recipes we find and make it our own, suddenly the recipe you were supposed to follow turned into something completely different, something new, exciting and inspiring. Conclusion would be that the recipe you fins online or in an old cook book turns into your own new recipe. you’ve only used the ingredient in the recipe you found, but everything else is your imagination and your work of art. What was supposed to be a Beef-Wok or a Beef stew turns into a beef pie with Asian inspired vegetables and sauce. You suddenly felt like having something else for dinner than the recipe you found, but you suddenly have all the ingredients, so with a little magic and a little imagination you use the ingredients that ou already have and make something of your own with it instead.  The passion and the will to make a great meal is present and just waiting to let out like a wild animal in a zoo. So I say .. Let the cooking beast loos and start cooking. You will fail a million and one times, but when you get it right oh you’ll get it right it will be the most amazing dish you’ve ever tasted and the more you cook, the more you practice, the more you try the better you’ll get and you will not regret it, I promise you that. Grab a glass of wine and put on some music if you want that and let’s create magic in the kitchen together.

From one home cook chef to another, let the magic loose and let’s start cooking.

Hope to see you back here tomorrow for another home cook chef recipe, small talk from one home cook to another or what ever comes to mind at the time! Last but not least let’s not forget to be the awesome home cook you know you could be!

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