Home Cooking Sunday with Hetty!

It Sunday, and it got me thinking of the time I spent in Italy back in 2006. I remember going to the marked every Sunday morning with my mom. We would go around all day looking at everything they had to offer, and let me tell you .. They had it all! Live chickens, cooking equipment, clothing vegetables, spices, the most amazing meat you’ll ever taste in a life time, toys and whole lot more. Every Sunday after church you would see families going to the marked together. The women would go to everything food-related and pick out the best ingredients for what they would cook later that day, the kids would run around playing or looking at toys, and the men? they would stand together in small group and talk, smoke and looking around on the square filled with a marked of life. IT was as Italian as it could get. It’s the best experience in my life, going to Italy is something I would recommend for everyone who have the opportunity to go. Sunday is a time for family meals, come together and eat, drink, talk. I remember when I grew up, my grandmother would be in the kitchen all day cooking up something good, and the whole family would come over for dinner. She would always cook up the most beautiful, tasty dishes and everyone wanted some, even the neighbors knew she was an amazing home cook. My Grandmother was no stay at home mom, she was a hard working woman, and she never gave up, and she worked hard all her life, but she still knew how to cook up a good meal for the family. My mom is of the same caliber, she have always worked hard, she have been through hell and back but she have never given up, never! She is the best home cook and chef I’ve ever heard of and met. She’s worked with economics and have never worked at a restaurant but she cooks like she could own her own little B&B, a caffe or a restaurant, she is truly amazing and the strongest person I know. I know where I have my cooking skills from I can tell you that, it runs in the family.

Today’s recipe is what I like to call Hetty’s Dream Mushrooms.


8-10 Cherry Tomatoes

Half a Red Onion

Half a Lemon

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Chives

Fresh Lemon Thyme

Fresh Oregano

Fresh Parsley

Dried Basil

Chili Flakes



All around – Seasoning Blend

Tuscan Seasoning Blend

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 TBS Butter

2 cloves of garlic.

How to make Hetty’s Dream Mushrooms:

1. Wash the cherry tomatoes, and the mushrooms. Then put the tomatoes into a mixing bowl. Slice up the mushrooms and place them into a different mixing bowl. Then slice up half a red onion and add them inn with the tomatoes. Then chop up all the fresh herbs and mix them together. sprinkle some olive oil and the juice of half a lemon( half a lemon Evenly distributed over the two mixing bowls.) over each bowl, before seasoning with salt,pepper, basil, chili flakes, Tuscan seasoning blend, all around seasoning blend and one clove of garlic in each bowl. Divide the fresh herb-mix into two and put each half into the two separate mixing bowls. Mix it all well together.

2. Putt 1 TBS of butter into a skillet and start by adding the mushrooms into the skillet. When the Mushroom starts to shrink, add the tomato/onion mix and let it all simmer well together until it reach a golden color and it’s ready to serve.

This is super easy to  make and it’s really tasty, I hope you like it as much as my family and I did.

– Hetty

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