Hetty’s Home Cooking Monday!


Time to get out of bed and start cooking. Because that’s what we do. We start the day by making breakfast, for ourselves or for our family. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, sandwiches, what ever we might desire on a Monday morning. Today I was a mess when I went to the grocery store due to the dentist appointment I had an hour a head. I’m going back tomorrow for a new true shopping trip witch means I need to make a meal plan for the entire week today. I’ve a lot to do today, and making a meal plan for the week is only one of many. I had to make something quick and easy for dinner today. So I went a little lazy and bought a pack of Italian meatballs. I had to figure out something to make with it. Nobody wanted pasta so that was completely out of the question so I had to improvise and so I did. I used what I have, I grilled the meatballs gently in a skillet with chopped fresh herbs.( Chives, Rosemary, lemon thyme, oregano and parsley.). I also add one minced clove of garlic, chili flakes, pepper, and Tuscan spice blend and I topped it off with some grated Parmesan before I served it up on a plate with potato salad and broccoli on the side. It turned out great and I was very pleased with the result of improvising in the moment. Sometimes Improvising is what you need in order to find new, good recipes. who knows? maybe in 50 years or so your grandchildren will have your recipes in a folder, and want to cook the recipes you created a long time ago. That’s kind of cool to think about.

We all have our cooking Idols, chefs that have inspired us, given us advice on what to do and not to do, and people who made us fall in love with cooking. I know I have several Cooking Idols so to speak. Sharing the first place is my beloved mom and grandmother who made me fall in love with cooking. Julia child, Ina Garden, Pioneer woman is on a strong second place. There are tons of chefs I could have listed up here and you would be reading this for more than 24 hours, so I’m not going to do that. But we all have our cooking Idols whom ever they might be. leave a comment down below and tell us about your cooking Idol and why! That would be fun! .. That is if anyone out there that is..

Next I want to talk about cooking show. Oh my there is so many cooking shows flowing around the TV all day every day. One could get insane watching them all. We have Rachel Ray and those kind of shows, re-running everyday. Then we got the cooking channel. ( Food Network)  filled with every type of cooking show you can imagine. I love this channel and I watch it everyday. Then we got all the Master chef( from all over the world.) Top Chef, Master chef junior, and shows like that. There is always a new and improved cooking show around the corner. Personally I love chopped, Iron Chef America, Food Truck Race, and let’s not forget one of the best shows ever Guy’s Grocery Games or Triple ‘D as they’re called, and Triple D with Guy Fieri . Another cooking show I really enjoy is The Kitchen. I always learn something new, and It’s really inspiring to watch.  Oh well, I guess we never get tired or un-inspired by watching these shows. It’s always inspiring and it always make me want to cook even more.

Tomorrow I’m going to the grocery store as I said before to make “The big” shopping trip of the week. I really love doing this because I actually save a lot of money by doing it like this. The time has come for me to finally sit down and write down what to eat this week and what I need to buy tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to  talk more about how you can make a meal plan and have one large grocery shopping trip a week! Until next time, I hope you have an amazing day and don’t forget to enjoy your home cooking!

– Hetty

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