Home Cooking Wednesday with Hetty!

I learn something new every day in the kitchen and I bet you do too! It’s always time for testing out new recipes, or improve old recipes. The other day I was making a Bearnaise sauce using a mix-pack like they sell in Walmart. Then I was tired of having the same sauce over and over again, so I saw half a lemon laying on the kitchen counter so I squeezed a couple of drops into the sauce, added some pepper, chili flakes and all-around spice blend. It might be a little sour, but to me it was a refreshing update. I’m for sure going to do that next time as well.
I finally got me weekly dinner plan ready, well as of two seconds ago. As I’m writing I suddenly realize that I’m missing one dinner because ‘silly me’ forgot to buy the ingredients. I had to run to the kitchen , I looked around, dived into the freezer, the fridge and the kitchen cabinets and I found mushrooms, onions, taco salsa, sour cream, some grated cheese, canned corn, ground beef, some taco spice mix and we got some cucumber, so I guess it will be a little different tacos than we’re used to but It’s a warm meal on the table and i’m all about making the best of what we got so this could be interesting and believe me when I say I will blog about it for sure!  So this is my dinner plan for the rest of this week:
Thursday : Moussaka served with a Greek Salad on the side
Friday: Taco with a twist
Saturday: Italian meatballs served with oven baked vegetables and potato salad
Sunday: Hamburgers served with potato salad on the side
Monday: Pasta with ground beef and tomato sauce. ( A Pasta bolognese with a twist!)
I might switch a few things around, but these are the dinners I will be making this week, when I’ll make what we’ll just have to wait and see each day I guess. As I’ve said before I like making a meal plan and try to go to the grocery store only once a week. ( sometimes I go more often it depends. If I’ve forgotten something or if i’m in the mood for getting inspired for writing a blog post etc.) But in general I go once a week to buy my dinner related groceries and as I’ve mentioned a hundred times before I do save a lot of money on it. The thing about grocery shopping is that if you go to the grocery store more than once a week you are increasing the chance of buy more things than you need to. But Hey, let’s be honest, going to the grocery store is fun! The most expensive trips to the grocery store usually happens when you are hungry. I’m sure you know the feeling, you’re so hungry when you enter Walmart that all you want to do is buy this and that and you get all these ideas on what to make, and you plan a whole lunch for when you get home, and tonight’s dinner becomes a feast and the you plan to make the most tasty sandwiches you’ve ever made for a late night snack.  The result being that you’re too satisfied with everything that you’ve bought so you don’t really pay attention to how much it all really costs and the numbers that pops out of the cashiers mouth become nothing but empty numbers floating through your head and out in the matter of seconds. When you’ve loaded the groceries into the car and finally arrive home again you begin to feel bad because of all the money you’ve just shopped groceries for. You start making the big lunch you’ve been waiting for ever since you entered the sliding doors at Walmart. Then, you eat half of what you made for lunch, and you feel like a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving day.. and you start to feel even more bad for everything you just bought earlier that day. When the evening arrives, and you’re ready to make dinner you’re not really that hungry considering the “epic” lunch you had earlier that day. You make dinner, and you tell your husband all about you going shopping groceries like the size of Texas and come clean. He gets either exhibit A super mad and make you sleep on the couch all night or exhibit B understand that you+grocery shopping while hungry = dangerous for the the home economy but forgives you for going nuts at Walmart as the kind and forgiving husband he is. On the bright side you get to make epic lunches for the kids to bring to school the next day, and who knows you might have enough food to make lunches for every student in your kids class. ( not likely, but who knows? It might just happen depending on how nuts you went on Walmart.) I  definitively know the feeling, grocery shopping while hungry is not something one should do but we do anyway! haha.
For now, and until next time, have a blessed and amazing day .. and we’ll talk more soon, tomorrow hopefully!
– Hetty

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