Home Cooking – Failing and never giving up.


Hey a shout out to all the great home cooks in the world.

I’m very sorry that I haven’t posted anything the past couple of days.  But I’m back now, and I promise to post at least one post every day.

You know how much I’ve talking about failing in the kitchen? That every home cook, every chef and everyone who cooks in general will fail a repeatedly. Today is a good example on that issue. I was going to make a Honey marinade with a hint of orange and mustard. It turned out horrible. I tried multiple times and failed. I never used the marinade, because I tasted it before using it. It’s always important to taste the food you’re making while you’re cooking. Not only to see if it’s any good or not but to see if something is missing. Maybe you need some more salt, pepper or some other spice to get the edge and the exact taste you’re looking for. I fail a lot in the kitchen, and I believe that it makes me a better home cook. Why? because I learn what not to do, I learn from the mistakes I make in the kitchen.

When you’re trying out new recipes, new combos you’ve never tried before you need to taste and waist. Do not and I repeat do NOT, use a dressing, a vinaigrette or a marinade you’ve just made without tasting it first. Even if you’re following a recipe from a cook book or online. It never turns out exactly the way it’s supposed to, so it’s important to taste it before you use it. It’s even more important if you’re trying to come up with a new recipe on your own. If you use it before you taste it you end up throwing away a good piece of meat because you made a bad marinade or glaze. So always taste your dressings, vinaigrette and marinades before using them. Remember to always taste your dish while it’s cooking as well. you don’t want your dish to lack flavor, and you don’t want it to be over flavored either. It might sound a lot more complicated than it is, I promise you that after a while you’ll work up a simple routine to always taste your food while cooking, and before you know it you will do it automatically, and not even thinking about doing it because it will come natural.

I will try to make honey marinade with a hint of orange and mustard once again, and I most likely will fail a few more timed before I get it right but one thing is for sure I’m not giving up.

Tomorrow I’m making pork wok. Basically I’m going to use slices of pork, rice, frozen wok vegetables mix and pre-done chop-suey sauce but I’m going to make it with a few twists and tricks and make it as good as home-made. Stay tuned for tomorrows recipe!

I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for new post.

Until next time..

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