Monday, kitchen talk with Hetty.

Monday, always a great day for planning what to eat for dinner this week. Well, to be honest Sunday’s are best for that. But if you like me sometimes forget all about next weeks cooking, then Mondays are a good second choice. So I’ve figured out “what’s for dinner at Hetty’s this week!” Here is my dinner plans for this week:

Monday(today) we had hotdogs for dinner.. not a good idea. But it happens sometimes.

Tuesday: frozen casserole fish dish

Wednesday : baked potato with a tomato/ground beef sauce and spicy butter.

Thursday: Casserole egg dish with salami

Friday: Pasta with ground beef and marinara sauce.

Saturday: Chicken fillet served with rice, creamy chicken sauce, broccoli and mushrooms

Sunday: a wok dish with pork, frozen vegetables and a good sauce I don’t remember the name of atm.

Monday: chicken fillet with rice served with sauce, broccoli and mushrooms marinated in a honey glaze.

This is my first draft of this weeks dinner palms. But nothing ever goes according to the plan so it’s for sure going to be interesting to see how it all turned out.

To me making a dinner plan is essential for saving money, and of course it’s fun to but he best thing about it is that you never have the problem of standing in a grocery store trying desperately to figure out what you will make for dinner when you come home.

This was a small update from my side of the computer to yours. I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post. 😊


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