Small cooking update!

Today I made my casserole egg dish for dinner. Since I’ve posted the recipe last week, I’m not going to post it a second time. If you missed last weeks recipe you can easily find it by using the search function on my blog to find it.

The season is changing, summer have turned into fall. Not only can we see that the leafs are changing colors, the weather is changing and the temperature is dropping. We can also see the changes in the grocery store. The vegetables of the season are cheaper then off season vegetables etc. we also tend to cook more comfort food during the fall and winter than we might do in the summer. I love cooking as much as any other home cook does, and I love how we tend to cook different things wash season. There is always something to look forward to. There are of course dishes we eat all year long, dishes we don’t change when the season changes. Like pasta, lasagna, meatballs and the list is endless. Then there’s all the dishes that changes with the season. Like BBQ, it’s not that common to pull out the grill and through some stakes on the BBQ in December when your backyard is filled with snow and the temperature drops below zero.

My passion for cooking will never change, and I love how you can make the simplest cheapest dishes look like a festive meal or at least taste like a festive meal.

This was a short update,I’ll be sure to write a whole lot more tomorrow.


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