What’s for dinner this week!

What are all of you home cooks cooking today? I’ve just had the chicken fillet using only one spice recipe, and it was as good as it was last time so a thumbs up for that. I got this weeks menu ready for you as promised. I’ve also finished my grocery shopping list for tomorrow, I’ve divided the list into two separate lists. That way I know what to buy in the grocery store tomorrow and what to order from the online grocery store. I don’t have a car and sometimes we can only cary that much groceries so it’s absolutely amazing that we are able to do some grocery shopping online as well as going to the grocery store as I love. But here comes. W list I promised you.

Monday: Chicken fillet, using only one spice blend.

Tuesday: Hamburgers or pizza.( depending on what they have in the grocery store.. a little lazy but so, so good!)

Wednesday: Hetty’s Chicken casserole dish

Thursday: wok

Friday: Hetty’s ground beef stew with a twist.

Saturday: Pizza 🍕

Sunday: Casserole fish dish

Monday: Pasta with a marinara sauce + ground beef.

This is what’s for dinner this week. Some of the dishes I’ve already posted the recipe on, others not. I will post the recipe for the “new” dishes this week. I’m also baking on Sunday. Most likely blueberry muffins or Apple cake, so nothing I haven’t already posted a recipe on. But I will try my best to post something everyday. I’m working on my book all day everyday, but I will try as I said and write a post everyday. Let’s do something fun, what are you having for dinner this week? Post a comment down below and let’s see what the world are eating for dinner this week!

This was it for today, I hope you have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow.

Until next time..


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