Update from Hetty’s Kitchen.


Tomorrow I’m attending this town’s annual farmers marked. I’m really excited, and I’ve high expectations because it’s only once a year, and I expect the variety to be good. But at the same time I’m trying not to get my hopes up because last year it wasn’t very good. That’s why I’m expecting it to better this year, and I do hope it is.  I will write a post about it, and I’ll take lots of photos.

Let’s talk about falling in love with cooking. I’ve always loved to cook, ever since I was a kid, but there are many who don’t have a passion for cooking, and that thinks of cooking as yet another exhausting thing to do when they get home from work. But there are ways you can easily make dinners during the weekend and put them into your freezer and just heat it up when you get home from work. It’s tons of ways how you can make an easy dinner on work-night. The world is filled with dishes just waiting to be cooked. You can easily throw some noodles into boiling water, and cook some beef, and wok vegetables. Easy dinner, cheap, and you’ll get a good meal after a long day of work. It could be as simple as that. Another tip is that you can make a casserole dish the night before, then when you get home from work the next day all you have to do is pre-heat the oven and put in the casserole dish and the job is done. The list is long about how you easily can make good meals after a long day at work. There are tons of different tips and tricks you can do to make the everyday-life easier. Not everyone loves cooking as much as us home-cook women. The benefit of being a home cook is that you can easily give tricks and tips to those who don’t like cooking as much as us, but we as home cooks can also come together, exchange ideas, recipes etc. That’s part of why I started this blog, that we as home cooks can exchange Ideas, recipes, and experience, but also so that I could share my recipes with you. My passion for cooking is something I like talking about, and not everyone understands the whole home cooking thing. Some people think that one have to buy expensive ingredients to make a great meal, but that’s not true. Almost everything I cook is based on simple ingredients, cheap ingredients. As I’ve said before, it’s all about taking what you have and making something great out if it.

This was it form my kitchen today, keep up the good cooking people. I hope to see you back here soon for a new post!

Until next time..

  • Hetty


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