Hetty’s weekly dinner plan


Hello to all the home cooks around the globe!

I hope you’re all doing well, and keep up the good cooking. I promised you that I would get my dinner plan for this week ready for today’s post. I just added the last dinner on to my list a few minutes ago, so now it’s time to write a post.

Let’s get started on this weeks dinner plans:

Monday: Pasta with ground beef and marinara sauce

Tuesday: Frozen pizza. ( I know, I know it’s not really ideal, but the thing is that we get groceries delivered tomorrow, and we’d forgotten to buy dinner for tomorrow, and the only thing we got laying around the fridge was frozen pizza, so there you go. Non of us are perfect.)

Wednesday: Hetty’s ground beef stew

Thursday: Casserole egg dish with salami, mushrooms and squash.

Friday: Hamburgers W/potato salad

Saturday: Tacos

Sunday: Steak marinated  with herbs, served with a baked potato with a herb-butter, squash, mushrooms and a sauce.

Monday: Fried frozen cod with sauteed vegetables and sauce served with potatoes

This was my weekly dinner plan, I’m planning on making chocolate/vanilla-cream/raspberry muffins on Sunday. It will be another post on Hetty’s baking Sunday. I’m hoping the result turns out great but It might end up being not so good. But either way I’m definitely going to blog about it. If it turns out completely horrible and even un eatable I’ll blog about how it all went wrong. If it turns out really good, I’ll post the recipe and tell about how fun it was making it.

You that feeling you get when you make dish, any dish and it turns out really good, a whole lot better than you first expected? I love that feeling, don’t you? Cooking is not only fun, it’s amazing, and awesome, but it can also bee challenging, hard, and piss you off and test your limits. That’s all parts of cooking, but as home cooks we never give up, never stop trying, we love creating new dishes, or try a new recipe from a good friend, a family member or something we’ve found online. Cooking, or home cooking is like it’s own world. I do have a strong passion for cooking and I might not be very good  when it comes to cooking because I fail a lot, and more times than not food end up looking wired. hah. But I’m never giving up trying to be better, because I know that one day if I keep trying and never giving up I will be a better home cook. Creating new dishes are kinda cool, and I love doing it. It’s a lot of fun, even though it takes time and a whole lot of failing before I get it right, I love it.

This was it from my home kitchen today, I hope you have an amazing day and keep up the good cooking!

Until next time..

  • Hetty

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