Hetty’s Tuesday kitchen talk.

Hello all my fellow home cooks out there! I hope you all have an amazing day, filled with kitchen fun, cooking and good wine.

Today we were supposed to have frozen pizza for dinner that we ordered yesterday at this online food-delivering service. Then this afternoon we got a text from the food-delivery service letting us know that they were all sold out on the frozen pizza we ordered. The story doesn’t end there because we didn’t order all the ingredients we needed to all the other dinners we’d plan for this week because we were planning on getting that tomorrow in the local grocery store. So there we were, with a whole lot of different ingredients and no dinner to make. If we’d started mixing the ingredients witch I guess we could have done, we would have to buy a whole lot of new ingredients to be able to make the dishes we were supposed to make the rest of the week. We decide to solve the problem by ordering takeout food instead. So we ordered a pizza, and Oreo -cake.

I’ve been working on my book all day, then we ordered pizza, then we got the groceries from the food-delivering service. Tomorrow my mom and me are going to the grocery store to get the last of our grocery on our list this week.

Suddenly I got this urge to cook all kinds of cool dishes from around the world, but reality hits me in the face telling me that I’ve already decided a menu for this week and there is no room in the food budget for changing it now. But there will be a next week, and I got plenty of time to figure out what to cook then. Until then I have a week of a lot of the same dishes I had last week.

I’m really looking forward to baking the chocolate/vanilla-cream/raspberry muffins on Sunday, even though I’ve never made it before and I’m just going after a wild idea, it’s kind of exciting.

This was it firm my kitchen to yours for today, I do hope you have an amazing day, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

Until next time..

  • Hetty

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