Hallo to all my fellow home cooks out in the world! I hope you have an amazing day and that you keep cooking!

I eat a lot of comfort-food during the fall. Is it because it’s getting colder outside and the season is changing? Maybe. But tomorrow I’m cooking tacos! I know, I know, tacos should be eaten on Tuesdays. But when I grew up in the 90’s we always had tacos on Fridays( we called it taco Fridays) and homemade pizza on Saturdays. Well, not every week but a lot. I’m looking forward to tacos tomorrow, it’s been a while since I had tacos and I’ve missed it! We have this really cool taco spin set, that we use when we serve tacos, it’s stylish it’s practical and a perfect way to serve tacos if you ask me. There is this spinning board then you put bowls in a circle and the meat in a larger bowl

In the middle. Then you light a candle under the bowl in the middle and you spin it around so you easily can reach all the good stuff you want on your tacos. If I remember I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow. It’s kinda hard to explain how it works and how it looks like.

This was it for today, I know I know it was shorter than planned, but I’ve been working on my book all day and haven’t had much time for anything else.

Keep up the good cooking, and I’ll try to write a better and longer post tomorrow!

Until next time..


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