Hetty’s Kitchen update, Saturday.

Hello all to all my fellow home cooks.  Today I’ve already started to plan next weeks dinner plans. It’s not completely done yet, but when It’s done   possibly tomorrow or on Monday I will as usual post my weekly dinner plan. I’ve been writing all day every day this week so i haven’t had the time to write a long post. Tomorrow I will post an update about on Sunday baking with Hetty, for those of you who are wondering about that.

Over to cooking in general. As you know I love to cook, but I also love to travel. I haven’t traveled anywhere for a while but I will be traveling more next year maybe. I like to cook different dishes from different sides of the world. I take what I’ve learned while traveling and I use it when i’m cooking. That might sound a little wired. Let me explain it in a better way. While I was in Italy, I noticed how they where cooking, I’ve also read a lot of books regarding Italian cooking methods, witch makes it easier for me when I’m cooking Italian dishes. I like to cook Italian food, it’s always tasty, and easy to make but also easy to break. Meaning that a lot of things can easily go wrong. But that’s cooking in general. It’s a 50/50 chance of failing but it’s human to fail, and we just keep going because that’s life. Same goes for cooking; we cook, we laugh, we fail and we start all over again. Never stop trying, Cooking is like everything else in life, you have to practice to be good at something. No one is born a good cook, one learns by failing, by keep trying.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrows post on baking, and I hope you do to. This post was a little longer than yesterdays post, but maybe not long enough. But tomorrow i’m going to share the recipe of my chocolate vanilla cream/raspberry muffins and I hope you like it as much as we did.

I hope you have an amazing day and keep up the good cooking, and remember to never stop trying.

This was it form my side of the kitchen today.

until next time..

  • Hetty

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