Hetty’s kitchen talk update!


Hello my fellow home cook s of the world!

I hope y’all have an amazing day and are enjoying your time in the kitchen today. I’ve been struggling with being extremely dizzy the past few days so I have’t been able to do anything on my computer. Luckily it’s better today. This week have been a mess when it  comes to cooking. I didn’t have my ‘dinner plan list complete so everything just turned out really messy and not at all as planned. Next week will be different, I will have a complete ‘dinner plan list’ for the entire next week up on Monday and I’m going to follow it.

Normally, we sit down with next weeks food-budget. Then we take a look at what we need in the grocery store that ain’t dinner related. After that we see how much money that’s left. the money that’s left is what we got to spend on dinner-related groceries that week. Then all that’s left to do is find dishes or create dishes that are suitable for our budget. Sometimes it’s really hard and it takes hours, but ever once in a while it’s a done deal, and we got a dish for every day of the upcoming week in less than an hour. It all depends on how creative we are at the time. Next week is going to be tricky though. Out freezer are close to empty and the food we bought in Sweden are gone. This makes it harder, and a whole lot more complicated. Why? because when we do our basic-grocery-shopping in Sweden we fill up our freezer with ground-beef and chicken so that we always have some good protein in the freezer. That way we save a whole lot of money. Now that we haven’t been to Sweden in a while .. our freezer is honestly close to empty and we need to buy all of our food in Norwegian groceries stores, and with the prices going up next year, It’s going to affect our food budget even more than it does now.  At this point we need to buy our protein in our local grocery store and that is expensive. We want to and need to eat healthy and that ain’t cheep. Sometimes I wish I had a drivers license and a car so I could drive to Sweden more often to buy the groceries. At least the protein like Chicken and ground-beef. We use a lot of chicken when we cook, because we’ve always had chicken in our fridge except now. Next week we’re going to buy chicken in Norwegian grocery stores and The chicken fillets you buy in the local grocery stores i Norway ain’t as good and ain’t as large as the ones we buy in Sweden, and it’s a whole lot more expensive and to be hones it ain’t worth it, but if one would want to eat chicken that’s the only alternative we got.

From empty freezers and bad quality chicken fillets in Norway to something else.

let’s talk about creating your own dish. it ain’t as easy as it might seam. It takes town, hours of trying and failing and it’s all about knowledge.  What goes together and what doesn’t go well together. Sometimes I get lucky and get a really good dish on my very first try, but I’m failing more times than I succeed. But I’m not going to stop trying, because one can not get better at something if one stops trying, so I keep trying. I love to cook, and I love to learn new ways to prepare a dish,  new trick and tips in the kitchen. A wise person once said that One can never have too much knowledge in the kitchen, one learn something new every day, and that’s very true. It might look easy to compose  your own dish or a new dish but I’m going to be brutally honest and say that ain’t true. I can use hours of thinking and it takes research. I’m just a home cook who loves to cook, and even though I have one year at a culinary education class, it ain’t much, because the most of what I’ve learned is from my family, from my mom, my grandmother and from my family in general. You need to believe in yourself to succeed that’s the first step you need to take. When you feel comfortable in your own kitchen, comfortable with learning and failing and knowing that it takes time like everything else you will get better and better at it, and in the end you will be an amazing home-chef.  Say that you have excuses for not cooking, telling yourself that you will learn to cook next year, or tomorrow. Telling yourself that you will fail and that it’s not worth trying. suddenly it’s been three years and you still at the starting point. The three years will go by either way, so you can either pick yourself up and dust yourself off and learn how to cook now and be an amazing home chef in three years or you could go for the same excuses you’ve been telling yourself for years and never start feeling comfortable in your own kitchen.The three years goes by either way. So my tip to you if you want to learn how to cook, start today don’t wait until tomorrow or until next year. Let today be the day you decided to cross your fear of failing in the kitchen and start cooking. You will fail but failing is a part of learning, it’s a part of being human. So start cooking today and be amazing in three years. You could even take photos of your disaster-result and put it into a scrap-book so you can see in three year period how much you’ve grown in the kitchen.

Tomorrow am once again baking my grandmothers famous apple-cake. You can find this very recipe on my blog by using the search engine on the right.

I hope you have an amazing day and I hope you’re enjoying today’s cooking.

Until Next time..

  • Hetty

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