Sunday fun day, food talk with Hetty.

Happy Sunday y’all! I hope y’all have an amazing Sunday.  Today I baked my grandmothers famous apple cake. ( you can get the recipe by using the search engine on the right at the front-page.) I think Sunday’s are perfect for baking. Next Sunday I want to try and bake again, this times something different than I did today. Not sure what I’ll be baking yet. Trying to think about something that’s not that expensive, that taste relly good, and at the same time is perfect for the a cold Sunday in October. Maybe I’ll make cinnamon buns, or maybe I won’t bake at all. It all depends on next weeks food budget to be honest. If I do have some room for baking in my budget then I will for sure bake next Sunday, if not then I might bake the Sunday after that.

A lot of people are taking about hate cooking, and think that it’s a struggle. A lot of things can go wrong in the kitchen, and for some people everything that can go wrong inn the kitchen happens every time they cook. But fear not, there is still hope. I have a few tips and tricks that are give or take bullet-proof. If you want to learn how to cook, and be 100% safe in the kitchen and still make a good meal, you can. You can easily make pasta without screwing up too much. You can use a water-boiler that way you can easily put the boiling water into a pot and turn the heat up high, then add some salt. When the water starts to boil again, add the pasta and put the timer on 10 minutes or as written on the label. Then while the pasta is cooking.  Use a skillet to cook some ground beef, season with a minced garlic, some basil, oregano, pepper and chili flakes. When the ground beef is cooked, add a marinara sauce, and let it cook additionally 5-10 minutes. Then when the pasta is ready, pour the pasta into a colander then add it into a serving bowl. Pour the ground-beef-marinara sauce over, mix it all well together and serve it up with some bread or a salad on the side. It’s super easy and it’s almost impossible to mess it up. There is a lot of easy things you can start with when it comes to first time cooking that are almost bullet proof, and that was one of them.

Let’s talk about knife skills. This is something you need to take your time with. It’s not something that’s done over night, it takes practice. It’s very easy to cut  yourself while cooking, and that’s also why you need to take your time to learn how to use the knife. Even when you’re knife skills are really good, you will cut yourself from time to time, that’s a part of the kitchen life. The best chefs in the world have to take trips to the E.R because of accidents with knifes or accidents in the kitchen in general. But with practice you will stop being afraid of hurting yourself and more focused on the food you are pre-paring. I remember when I first learned how to cook, I was afraid of doing something wrong, I was afraid of hurting myself in the kitchen. But with time I got more confident in the kitchen, the more I learned the more I practiced the less afraid I got. From time to time I’m still afraid of learning something new, afraid of messing up. I tell myself that I can’t learn to do it right if I don’t try or if I give up. I know I will mess up and I know It will take time before I get it right, but in time I know I will get it right. The thing I’m really struggling with these days are how to make sauces from scratch. Bechamel sauce, brown sauce and practically every basic sauce there is. Before that I was afraid of learning how to cook chicken, I was terrified that the chicken wouldn’t be cooked well enough, but with time I got that right as well. With time I know that I’ll be able to cook sauces from scratch without blinking as well, it’s all about practicing over and over again.

Falling in love with cooking is something i did a long time ago, and some day I hope you will get the joy of doing the same. ” The cooking world” is a new universe, a whole new world and an experience I’m glad to be a part of.

This was it from my side of the kitchen today. Coming up tomorrow: Next weeks dinner plan, Italian food talk, and more.

Drop by tomorrow to join the fun.

Until next time..


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