Hetty’s weekly dinner plan


Hello my fellow home cooks around the world! I hope y’all are having an amazing day.

It’s Monday and once again time to post my weekly dinner plan. I’m really excited about this week’s dinner plans, on the down side it’s only a couple of new recipes and a new baking recipe as well will come up on Sunday. But on the bright side, the day’s I’m not posting a recipe i will be talking about different food cultures, cook books and more. Now it’s time to post this weeks dinner plan;

Monday: Fish’n chips

Tuesday: Hamburgers

Wednesday: Hetty’s fall special ( sausage, potatoes and vegetables)

Thursday: Pasta with ground beef and marinara sauce

Friday: Steak served with baked potatoes, squash and mushrooms

Saturday: My mom’s famous lasagna served with garlic bread and good wine ( Mother/Daughter night.)

Sunday: Hetty’s Ground-beef stew

Monday: Prok/vegetables wok

That was my dinner plan list for this upcoming week. I will be baking cinnamon buns on Sunday, my grandmother’s old recipe. I’m really excited about making or baking that.

I promised you that I would talk about Italian cuisine. today, and that’s what I’m going to do now. I love to cook Italian food, and we do cook a lot of Italian food at our house.

Italian cuisine, there is so much to say about it that I have no idea how or even where to begin.  North Italian Cuisine is known for using a lot of fish, potatoes, rice, corn and sausage. Pasta dishes with a variety of tomato sauces are spread in all Italy. Italians like their ingredients fresh and subtly seasoned and spiced, but I think that right there is something you see in most food cultures. I can’t think of a single food culture, or cuisine that don’t like to use fresh and subtly seasoned and spiced Ingredients/food/dishes. Northern Italy there are a large variety of stuffed pasta, risotto and polenta are all three equally popular. If we go further into the Italian Kitchen to Emilia-Romagna common ingredients include ham( the well known, and world famous prosciutto, like Parma ham.) Emilia-Romagna is also known for it’s cheese.( Parmigiano-Reggiano.) Sausage, different sorts of Salami and tomatoes, different sauces and ragu. Emilia-Romagna is one of my favorite regions of Italy when it comes to food, it’s on my top five list. Each region in Italy have it’s one signature dishes, and there are so much good food, so many good ingredients all through Italy.  I really love the Italian Kitchen. I remember walking through the food-market in Tuscany a hot summer day in July. The flavors I got to taste, the sent of fresh ingredients, the whole setting was amazing, and even thinking about it now I hope that I get to experience that once again. To be able to cook with such fresh ingredients, just go to the marked and pick up what you might need. Maybe go to the local spice shop on your way home to buy the spice blends, or fresh herbs you so badly needed to make your dish complete, it’s truly amazing, and almost impossible to describe the incredible feeling you get when you buy ingredients for a meal you’re going to make while in Italy. It simply needs to be experienced, and I really hope that all of you around the world where ever you might be get to go to Italy and cook one day, because it’s amazing. But where ever you are, go to food markets and buy your ingredients, I’m sure that your local food marked is as incredible as it was in Italy. I know that Greece got some amazing flavors, and some amazing ingredients as well, France is also  a place known for it’s good foods.

This was a small update from my side of the kitchen and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for more food talk. Coming up tomorrow: Hetty’s trip to the grocery store + online grocery-store shopping delivery and more. Stay tuned for tomorrows fun grocery store trip and more.

I hope y’all have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

Until next time..

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