Hetty’s regatoni with meat-sauce

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Hey Everyone!

I’m happy to be back, and to get back to cooking again. Today I made a dish I like to call Hetty’s Regatoni with meat-sauce. I love a good lasagna, and we’ve had a old family lasagna recipe that we always use when we’re making lasagna. I remember when I was a kid and my mom had dinner guests, she would make her famous lasagna served with a good salad and garlic bread on the side. I used to stay awake until her guest went home because I knew there was always leftovers. So when they went home I would sneak down to the kitchen, and my mom would give me plate of the left over lasagna. Anyway the point is that I wanted to make something new, so I decided to use the meat sauce that my mom uses for her famous lasagna and mix it with regatoni pasta ans serve it up with a salad on the side and garlic bread. I’d never cooked regatoni pasta before and never tasted it before either, but I have to say this dish turned out a whole lot better than I expected. The result was amazing, and I really wanted to share it with you, whom ever is out there.. if there is anyone out there..


1 pound of ground beef

2 Canned diced tomatoes

10 oz. of tomato paste

500 g Regatoni pasta

8 oz of canned mushrooms slices





Chili explosion ( or any chili seasoning blend)

Tuscan spice blend

2 cloves of minced garlic

How to make Hetty’s Regatoni with a meat-sauce:

  1. Start by boiling the pasta, add a pinch of salt into the water.
  2. Cook the ground beef in a iron skillet with butter, season with pepper, Tuscan spice blend, and chili.  Put the tomatoes, the tomato paste and the mushrooms into a pot. Season with pepper, oregano, basil, some chili and two cloves of minced garlic.
  3. When the ground beef is cooked add it into the tomato sauce and let it cook for about 20 minutes.
  4. When the pasta is done, drain the water and add it into a serving bowl. ( you don’t need all of it, adjust the pasta by preference. Add the meat-sauce and mix it all well together. Serve it up with a nice salad and some bread on the side!

I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as my family and I did. Hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post. I wish you all well, and hope y’all have an amazing day.

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