Hetty’s Fish day Wednesday

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Hey everyone!

We had some pre-done fried cod in the fridge, and I had nothing special planned for dinner today so I decided to make a dish with that as a main ingredient. I put the fried cod in the oven for about 20 minutes as it said on the package. I know I’m not proud of using frozen foods, except for vegetables form time to time. As I started digging into the fridge I found stir a fry vegetable mix and a bag of frozen oven roasted potatoes. I put the vegetable mix into a saute pan, the potatoes into a iron skillet and with the fish already in the oven dinner would be ready in no time. It was an easy way out on a Wednesday night I know, but from time to time it’s fine to use frozen produce. I’m not going to lie, today’s dinner tasted amazing! I put the fish in the oven and my mom took care of the rest, she’s an amazing cook and I really love when she cooks for me. I do most of the cooking these days due to my food blog, so it’s super nice get cooked for every once in a while as well. I also love it when we cook together, she always have new dishes, and new tricks and tips to teach me in the kitchen.

Let’s talk about a few things that are coming up the next few days. Tomorrow I’m making Hetty’s pork stir fry, on Friday I’m making tacos, Saturday I’m making pork tenderloin with a family recipe marinade, served with sweet potato mash, mushrooms,tomato and zucchini side dish and a mushroom sauce. Sunday I’m making meat patties in a brown sauce, served with stewed vegetable, lingonberry jam and boiled potatoes.  I’m also making apple cake with vanilla cream this weekend, an old family recipe, and it is the best apple cake I’ve ever tasted. I will for sure try to post that recipe as well.  It’s a lot to look forward to food-wise the next few days so stay tuned, come back tomorrow for my very own stir fry recipe.

I hope y’all have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post!

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