Hetty’s pizza night.


Hey everyone!

It’s Friday and the weekend have just begun. We went to the grocery store as we normally do on a Friday, we took the buss and I was exhausted when we got home. After having a glass of water, and relaxed for a few minutes I decided to start on dinner. I’m so happy we decided to have a pizza night today. The good ting about homemade pizza is that it’s super easy to make, it’s east, it’s quick and it’s tasty. The key to a good pizza is putting all of your favorite toppings on. Yum!

I love pizza night. What I love about making home made pizza is that you can add all of your favorite toppings. Personally, I started off with a good pizza sauce, them I  had ground beef cooked and mixed with a Mexican pizza  seasoning that I had to mix with water. When the ground beef was cooked, I evenly spread it around the pizza on top of the sauce.  I added small spicy meatballs, pepperoni, canned corn, canned mushrooms and I topped it all off with cheese before putting into the oven. It turned out really great, and my mom was super psyched, I believe her exact word where ” Oh man this is so good! We need to have pizza night more often. Yum!”  I’m really happy she liked it, and we are for sure having pizza night more often, at least once a month.

I’m spending this weekend inside writing and working on my book witch is pretty much what I’ve done since May 2017. I’m closing inn on the ending and I’m actually really excited about it. I think the book itself is wired but the people I’ve showed it to during the process really likes it so I’m for sure excited about that. Other than that I’m spending some hours in the kitchen cooking. I’ll be making Moussaka with a Greek salad on the side, and i will be making a stake dinner with baked potato served with garlic butter and grilled zucchini. Not sure what I’ll be making when but that gives us something to look forward to tomorrow.

I hope all of you have an amazing Friday so far, and I wish you all the best for the weekend. I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty


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