Hetty’s special Sunday dinner

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Hey everyone!

I hope all of you are having an amazing Sunday so far. Yesterday I briefly  mentioned that today’s dish would be a recipe I came up with when I was in elementary school, and that is correct. This is Henriette’s special or Hetty’s special as I will name it here because it’s easier to pronounce.

In my family we’ve are used to cook with what we have and make something great out of it. The thing about that is that often we forget to buy  certain ingredients or we simply forgot to buy dinner ingredients. So we had to think creatively, take a look at the ingredients we already have in the fridge and in the cabinets and see what we can make off what we already have.  Sometimes you end up getting a little of this a little of that left in your fridge or your freezer. By thinking outside the box, you can come up with the most interesting and tasty dishes you never would have even thought of making before that point.

Creativity is an amazing gift, not only when it comes to writing books but also when it comes to cooking.

Today’s dish  is easy to make and it’s very taste, I hope you like it as much as we do.


1 Pound of ground beef ( I used sausages, but I often use ground beef instead.)

10,5 oz. Frozen vegetable mix

4 Cups of milk

2 Tablespoons of butter

3 Tablespoons of flour



2 Clove of minced garlic

Grated nutmeg

1 Cup of grated Cheese


Tuscan spice blend

How to make Hetty’s Special with ground beef:

  1.  Start by making the sauce. Melt the butter in a medium sauce pan. Add the flour mix it well together and stir until smooth and get a sandy/golden color. Add inn the milk, one cup at a time.( you can pre-heat the milk if you prefer that.) Remember to stir at all times so the sauce doesn’t stick. Season with on clove of minced garlic, some grated nutmeg and pepper. bring it to a boil, turn down the hear and let it cook for about 10 minutes, add the cheese and let it cook for additionally 10 more minutes.
  2. Use a iron skillet or any pan would do, add in some butter and let it melt. When the butter is melted add in the ground beef, season with minced garlic, pepper and Tuscan spice blend. Let it cook until the meat gets a golden brown color.
  3. While the meat is cooking heat up the frozen vegetables in a saucepan with some butter. Season with salt, pepper and a little Tuscan spice blend. When the vegetables are heated add them into the pan with ground beef and mix it well together. Let it simmer for about five minutes. If you use a mash-potato-mix then follow the instructions as written on the label.
  4.  When everything is done, plate up the dish starting with the mash-potatoes first, then add the meat/vegetable mix then pour the sauce on top and it’s ready to be served.

It might look messy but it’s worth it because it’s super good. This serves about 2 people, but you can easily double the recipe or multiply it as much as you might need too.

Tomorrow I’m making pork tenderloin marinated in garlic, paprika, pepper and chili flakes served with potato slices and a different choice of frozen vegetables than today and top it all off with a Bearnaise sauce with a hint of chili.  I’m really looking forward to making this dish tomorrow. 

I hope all of you have an amazing Sunday so far, and I hope to see you back her tomorrow for a new post.

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