Hetty’s kitchen talk and the beauty of stir fry.

IMG_7849Hey everyone!

First off I’m sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday an the day before.  On Tuesday I had a check up appointment at the hospital as I do every six months or so. I was worried that my alarm wouldn’t go off, so I couldn’t sleep, when I finally fell asleep I only got a few hours of sleep so when we got back home I fell asleep at the couch, and yesterday I was too exhausted to do anything at all. But I’m back now and I’m not going to the hospital until June so that means  I will be writing a post every day, unless something happens, but if so I will inform you.

Now let’s talk about food, cooking and everything in between. Today we had stir fry for dinner. Stir fry is always a big hit at our house. The thing I love about stir fry is that you can use almost anything you got laying around. You can use beef, pork, lamb, sea food, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, you can make your own sauce or you can buy one the your local grocery store and add some flavors to it. It’s all up to you and basically your imagination is the only thing stopping you. You can use what ever you like, or have.

I try to make my dishes as affordable as possible, and the beauty of cooking is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to taste good. There are so much you could do with food, the only thing stopping you is your imagination, as I’ve said before. If you need help figuring out what to make for dinner with what you already have in the fridge and in the kitchen cabinets I would be happy to help. Just send me an e-mail on what you have to work with and I will give you some ideas on what you can make of it. You can easily find my e-mail address under my contact information on my site. 🙂

I got the list of what’s for dinner for the rest of the week ready, we got some pepperoni and cheese pie, we got Hetty’s ground-beef stew, my mom’s famous lasagna served with garlic bread, and fish patties with a mashed carrots,lemon and potato slices.  Some of these recipes I’ve already posted and some I haven’t so there will be some new recipes coming up this weekend.

It’s Superbowl this upcoming Sunday and I’m really excited about that, I’m taking it easy this year and have only bought Doritos. Normally I would make nachos, hot wings, some pizza, beers and all out. But this year I’m taking it easy and since I don’t got people coming over I decided to just take it easy this year. But still, I’m really excited about this years Superbowl. Are you having a Superbowl party this year? leave a comment and let me know what you’re making and what you are doing this upcoming Superbowl Sunday. Are you a Patriots fan just waiting for Patriots to take home the victory once again, or maybe you’re a hoping that the Eagles will take the victory they didn’t get back in 2004, either way I’m sure it will be a good game and hopefully an amazing half time show as well.  I’m for sure looking forward to the game on Sunday, and I’m sure you do too no matter what team you might be rooting for to take home the victory.


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