Hetty’s Kitchen talk.

Hey Everyone!

I’m really excited about this weeks dinners even though it’s a week filled with dishes I’ve already posted a recipe on. But there will be at least two new recipes coming up this week. My mom’s very own recipe on Belgian waffles and buns with raisins.

I love it when the house is clean, and you’ve just put a cake or any pastry in the oven. The smell of pastry mixed with the smell of a clean house is the best. You know after a day of cleaning you can sit down at lunch time with cup of freshly made coffee and a fresh pastry right from the oven before starting on the laundry basket. Life is wonderful sometimes. We all have bad days, and the bad days makes us appreciate the good days even more.

People used to love cooking,  now a days people are to busy to love cooking. But standing in the kitchen with a glass wine making dinner and enjoying the process is something I truly love about cooking. Cooking in good company is also something I enjoy, cooking with friends and family are always a joy.

I’m really looking forward to this weeks ‘Mom’s week’ we decided to do at our house. My mom really loved the idea, and she’s so excited about choosing this weeks dinner plan. So am I  to be honest.

This wasn’t the long post I was intending to write, it was a whole lot shorter but at least it was something. My mind is currently on writing mode and all I can seam to think about is what’s happening in my book, and it’s quite a lot so I’m sorry about that. I will try and write a longer post tomorrow.

I hope y’all have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty


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