Hetty’s Wednesday kitchen talk


Hey everyone!

It’s Wednesday and as the food lover I am I’ve already started to plan next weeks dinner. I might edit a few things, but hopefully I’ll be able to make most of it and I’m super excited about it. We’re having a small family breakfast on Valentine’s Day, we’re having fish patties served with a sweet potato mash, and grilled asparagus, Pasta with a marinara-meat sauce, pasta with a cheese and bacon sauce, hamburgers with potato salad, baked potatoes filled with leftovers. A lot of amazing dishes to look forward to next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to push inn some baking as well. I was thinking about making brownies with a chocolate glaze served with strawberries. Not sure if I can squeeze that into my budget but hopefully I can.

This upcoming weekend we’re having a family breakfast on Sunday, I really love our family breakfasts. Sitting down together in the morning, enjoying a good breakfast is the best. I love my family, and I’m really happy we are as close as we are. Family means everything to me. cooking together, eating together and enjoying a glass of wine and watch a good movie together, family time is so much fun.

Mom’s week is going great so far, we’re had a lot of fun and today we’re watching Agents of Shield. Both me and my mom loves marvel, and yet we haven’t seen a single episode of Agents of shields. A streaming service in Scandinavia called Viaplay have posted all the episodes of Agents of Shields so tonight we are finally going to binge watch Marvels Agents of shields.  Not that this had anything what so ever to do with food, but we’re going to eat sandwiches so I guess it’s sort of relevant.. OR not. anyway I hope all of you have an amazing day and that you will be back tomorrow for a brand new post.

  • Hetty

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