Garlic, what a wonderful spice


Hey everyone!

I’ve been knocked out from my antibiotics the paste days.. Today my throat is worse than ever, but I keep a possessive mind. The thing about being sick is that you get to eat stuff you don’t normally eat.

I’m so excited for next weeks dinner plan that I hardly can wait. It’s going to be epic, and hopefully I mange to push everything into my food budget, so far it looks good, but we’re having a large family breakfast on Valentines day so it goes a little more money inn to that than I first expected.

Today it’s Mother’s day in Norway, and as you might know I’ve turned the whole week into a mothers day week, my mom picked the menu for the whole week and today is the big day.

Now, let’s talk about garlic. Of all the spices I use during my cooking garlic is one of my favorites. I often use garlic when I cook, not all my dishes do contain garlic but a lot of them do. Let’s take a closer look at garlic. Using it right you can easily make a bland dish taste like heaven.

Garlic comes from the onion/Allium family and are related to chives, shallots and onions.  When it comes to taste you can reach three very different yet very tasty results. You can use it raw for dressings, salsas, marinades, vinaigrette’s etc. It has a very distinct flavor and it has sort of a spicy touch to it. When you cook it you will get mellow taste but it will still maintain the original flavor. You can also roast it and if you roast it the flavor will get a hint of sweetness to it. Personally I use garlic raw, cooked and roasted. I love how this spice can lift a up a rather boring dish to shine brightly as a star. When I’m making sweet potato mash I roast garlic and shallots for instance, the reason for that is that I think it goes hand in hand perfectly with a sweet potato mash. I cook with garlic almost every day.

Let’s take a closer look on how you can use garlic. You can chop it up, use a garlic press, you can use garlic twister, you can slice it up. The variations on how to mince it is almost unlimited. I prefer using a garlic press. I simply cut off the end of the garlic, peel it and put it into a garlic press ready for use. There is no limit to what you can use garlic for. You can use it to any type of meat, seafood, salads, sauces, vegetables, only your imagination can stop you. There are of course a lot of dishes witch you don’t want to use garlic as well. Garlic is used a lot in Greek and Italian dishes as well as in Indian, Korean and middle eastern cuisine. Garlic is a spice used in a great variety of dishes and it’s become more and more common to use garlic in our every day cooking. I remember a story that my mom told me a long time ago. My aunt married a Italian guy and moved to Italy witch lead to my mom and my grandmother went to Italy a lot to visit my aunt. My grandmother loved the Italian cuisine, and started to bring Italian family recipes home with her. She was one of the first people in our neighborhood to bring garlic into the kitchen. She started making lasagna and homemade garlic bread. I’l never forget that story. The point is that today it’s become more common to cook with ingredients form all over the world, and garlic are more used now than ever.

What is your favorite dish containing garlic? leave a comment down below and let me know.

Today we’re having homemade pizza for dinner, simply throwing on what ever tasty ingredients you like and put it in the oven, what’s more great than that for a Sunday dinner, am I right?.


I hope you all have an amazing Sunday so far, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post. I’m getting better from my three turned four infections so I will be writing tomorrow as well as everyday forward. I’m super excited about next weeks dinner plan so stay tuned for more fun.

  • Hetty


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