Hetty’s Quiche filling recipe


Hey everyone!

Today I made Quiche with smoked sausages, zucchini, mushrooms topped off with three sorts of grated cheese. (Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Parmesan.) A quiche is easy to make, served it with some bread and a salad on the side and you got yourself a great dinner.  Today I’m going to give you my very own recipe for a great quiche filling.


1 pound (or a little less) of smoked sausage

1 peeled zucchini

14 oz. of mushrooms

5 eggs

1,6 cups of milk



Chili flakes

Grated cheese

How to makes Hetty’s Quiche filling:

  1. Cut the sausages in half (sideways,) before slicing it up.Add some butter to a pan and let the sausages get a golden color. Season with salt, pepper and chili flakes. In the meanwhile peel, and slice up the zucchini. Add some butter to another pan, add the zucchini and let it simmer until they reach a golden color. Season with salt, pepper and chili flakes.
  2. Whisk together 5 eggs and 1,6 cups of milk. Season with salt, pepper and chili flakes. When the sausages and the zucchini are done, add them into the pie-crust. Add the mushrooms before adding the egg/milk mixture. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top. I’m not exactly sure about how long your quiche needs to be in the oven, or at what temperature. The fact is that I used a pie dough mix and I followed the instruction on that package and it told me to do this and that and then roll out the dough and place it in a pie-dish add whatever filling I wanted and put it into the oven for approximately 40 minutes on 200 degrees C. 

    thinking about baking something this week. Not sure what yet, thinking about my options. I got 6 eggs, not that much sugar but a whole lot of flour. As I’m writing this I have some ideas, but I haven’t decided on which one to go for yet.


I hope you have an amazing Wednesday so far, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

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