Food talk Tuesday with Hetty.

Hey everyone!

It’s Tuesday and I’m looking forward to the big breakfast tomorrow. Today I’m doing some research regarding making a website. I’m thinking about opening one for Hetty’s home kitchen and one regarding my writing. Not sure when this will happen yet, but hopefully sometime before this summer, if not then maybe this fall. Either way, I’m creating my own websites this year.

Let’s talk about rice. I know, I know It sounds boring. But truth be told it’s far from boring. You can do so much with rice, and you can serve it with almost anything. Rice is perfect for chicken, seafood, Stake, pork. Rice goes with anything. I normally use rice as a side dish for chicken, or in stir-fry dishes. Maybe I should have a rice week. A week where I use rice as an ingredient in whatever I’m cooking. If I decide to do this I need to do some planning. 7 days a week, one new dish every day that contains rice either as a side dish or in the actual dish. That could be kind of fun, I do need to think about it but it sure does sound like a cool challenge. “Hetty’s Rice week challenge.” that does sound kinda cool. I’m considering doing that next week, but I need to do some planning and see what I can come up with first.

I hope all of you have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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