Hetty’s update!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been away for about 10 days. I’ve been sleeping, eating antibiotics and not been thinking of food what so ever to be honest. I’m better, I’m back and ready to blog.

It’s  Spring as of March 20th, happy spring everyone. Let’s talk about this year’s Easter Manu. My aunt is coming over next Friday and she’s spending the Easter holiday with us this year. She will be staying here the whole weekend and go back home late Sunday or Monday morning. I’m working on next weeks menu and hopefully, I will have it ready by Monday or Tuesday next week. Tonight I’m staying in, and binge-watching on Netflix with my mom. I love a good family movie night, there is always something on the calendar so It’s nice to relax and just do nothing for a night as well.

I hope all of you have an amazing weekend and I hope to see you back here tomorrow, Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow I’ve got my hands full with writing and decorating for Easter and on Sunday we’re spending the day planing the Easter Holiday-days that my aunt is here. We always have activities planned when family comes over. During the Easter holidays, we normally play board-games, watch movies together, go out for lunch or something like that. We don’t want our guests to be bored so we always plan ahead, so this upcoming Sunday we are spending the day planing the Easter holiday as I said. It might take a long time, or it might not. That’s why I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write a new post, but a new post will come out Monday at the latest.

Until next time..

  • Hetty

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