Hetty’s food talk Thursday – Easter edition.

Hey everyone!

It’s Thursday, yesterday was a busy day. My mom and I had our annual Andersen’s Easter egg hunt at our house. ( indoors because it’s a ton of snow outside.)  we had a blast, finished up the day by watching the Baywatch movie. It was actually a lot better than I first expected.

Tomorrow we’re having Taco’s for dinner and I’m really excited about that even though it’s not Taco Tuesday at least it’s Taco Friday.  I do love Taco Tuesdays though and we normally have Taco’s on Tuesdays but since it’s easter and all we decided to have it on Friday instead so this week we’re going for that. I will be making my famous guacamole as well something that my family is over the moon about. I love to cook, and it’s even more fun when you get it right and when you create new dishes that turn out great. TO see the people you cook for enjoy the this you’ve made is priceless. I fail as much in the kitchen as anyone else does, but when I get something right I’m happy.

I love to cook family recipes but I also like to create new recipes. As Spring has arrived and the snow is starting to melt, I’m looking forward to the summer. BBQ out in the backyard, making different salads for lunch each day. New fun summer inspired dishes, creating new summer recipes, cook old family summer recipes. I have to say I’m done with snow, icy roads and cold weather and I’m ready for long summer nights, making margaritas and putting up the pool in our backyard.

While wishing for Summer to come and the snow to melt,  I’m signing off today and I will be back tomorrow hopefully with a new post. ( We might get family over for a few days, but I will try to write a post each day during Easter and beyond.

  • Hetty

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