Friday morning with Hetty


Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday and the weekend have officially arrived. I’ve been thinking a lot about something I wrote in yesterday’s post. I said I wanted to cook something from Minnesota where my ancestor’s coms from. My ancestors don’t come from Minnesota, that would make me Native American, something I’m not. But my great great grandfather moved to Minnesota and my ancestors have lived there ever since I guess. Just wanted to correct my wrongs.

I’m sitting here drinking my morning coffee, as usual, the sun is shining and even though it started snowing late last night most of it has melted already. We still got tons of snow though but I’m trying not to let it get to me. It is what it is and I still have hope that the snow will be gone before May.

Most of next weeks dinner menu is set, I’m only missing a couple of days. I will be posting a sneak-peak on what recipes I will be posting next week.

  • Grilled salmon seasoned with a all-in-one spice mix, served with herb&garlic roasted potatoes and vegetables
  • Pork chops served with pan roasted potatoes and vegetables

Note that I haven’t decided on what kind of vegetables to serve with each dish yet that’s why I haven’t been more spesific. I might use a frozen vegetable mix or I might use fresh vegetables of some sort. That was some of the new recipies that are coming up next week. Tomorrow my mom is cooking dinner again,she’ve been cooking very day this week. I do miss cooking but I know that on Tuesday I will be cooking again. In th mean time I get more time planning next weeks menu and do more writing of coruse.

I hope all of you have an amazing Friday and an amazing weekend. I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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