I love farmers markets and food markets, don’t you?

Hey everyone!

Tuesday, a new day to start fresh. Let’s talk about food markets and farmers markets. the town I currently live in is a little strange when it comes to farmers markets. They only got one farmer marked a year which is more like a day-time harvest festival than a farmers market. I attend almost every year, and it’s very fun a and all but I do wish that they would have a  farmers market or a food market every weekend. That would be amazing, I love going to food markets and my favorite food marked of all time that I’ve visited was in Tuscany. Let’s just conclude with that we have a lot to learn from the Italians when it comes to food markets. If you do have a food market around where you live you should go check it out. A few years back we had this amazing food market that traveled around and visited all kinds of small towns. If I’m not totally off track here I think they were from Italy. The food was amazing and not that expensive. I do love Italian food.

When you by food from your local food market you get good fresh and local ingredients. What’s not to love, am I right? I do wish that the food/harvest marked around here would be more specific and sell everything from fresh meat, wine and vegetables and who knows what. But they don’t they only sell honey, vegetables, and eggs. That’s also why it resembles more of a harvest marked than a farmers market.

Going to a food market on a Sunday afternoon after church, picking out the best meat, the best vegetables and wine for dinner that very day is something we all can learn from the Italians.  I can never seem to forget the Saturdays and Sundays we used to spend at the local food market in Tuscany.  The smell, the vibe and everything, the whole setting is hard to forget and I haven’t seen anything like it ever since. I miss it a lot and I hope that I soon will be able to go back there. Walking the streets of Tuscany to market day, the heat, the humidity, the people the villages, everything I miss it all.

Do you have a harvest festival or a weekly food market near you? what is your favorite food market or farmers market off all times? leave a comment down below and let’s see how many food-market-enthusiasts we got out there. What do you normally by when you go to a food market? I’m sure the variety varies from food market to food market but it would be fun hearing about your favorite thing to buy on a food market or a harvest festival and why. I’m super excited about hearing from Y’all.

I hope all of you have an amazing Tuesday so far and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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