New food project coming up this week.


Hey everyone!

Summer is almost here, and I have a new blog related project that I’m super excited to share with Y’all.  This upcoming week from Tuesday – Sunday I will be posting one new recipe each day. I will be making all of them from scratch, no improved products from a jar or anything like that. I will be making it all, I’m even going to make my own fries. I’m excited and I’m hopeful that it will all turn out great. Are you ready for next weeks new recipes? here is a list of what I will be making and posting recipes for this upcoming week;

  • Pasta with a meat sauce/ Sugo from the heart of Italy. ( the sauce is homemade from scratch but the pasta itself I will be buying because I’m on a budget.)
  • Stir-fry with pork, fresh vegetables, and a homemade soya sauce.
  • Tuna wrap with homemade sweet potato fries
  • Texas style Chili con carne
  • Easy summer Pork wrap
  • Baked potato with leftovers from the pasta  meat sauce topped off with grated cheese

These are the recipes coming up this week! I’m super excited about it, I hope everything turns out great.

My family is not from Italy, but we are still like an Italian family. We are loud, we love to cook, we love wine and did I mention we love to cook? Food is as important to us as for any Italian. Another thing is that just like the Italians we think about food all the time. When we’ve finished breakfast we think about lunch, when we’re done with lunch we think about dinner.  That’s my family right there, we love big, we argue and family and food is everything for us.

I hope all of you have an amazing Sunday so far, and I hope all of you have had an amazing weekend.

Live long, live strong, keep up the good cooking, this was it from my side of the kitchen today, I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post. I’m super excited to get started on this weeks menu on Tuesday, but don’t worry I will be back with a new post tomorrow as well.





We’re like a big Italian family, we think about lunch when we’ve finished breakfast and dinner when we’re swallowed the last of our lunch

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