Update from Hetty’s Kitchen

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post anything for a while. There was a family crisis, my mom hurt her back and it’s been a rough couple of days. She’s in a lot of pain and she went to the doctor’s office on Friday and luckily she got something for the pain. I’ve been working around the house all day so I haven’t gotten any time to write or blog. But now as I’m getting used to the new situation I will be able to both write and blog as normal.

Summer has arrived, I love being able to eat out in the backyard again. I’ve cleaned th pool alll day and now I’m filling it up with water.

Tomorrow is a big day, It’s my B-day and I’m turning 28 y.o. I’m excited, we’re going down-town and we’re ordering takeout later that night, and just having a great time together as a family. Saturday 19th my best friend is coming over and I’m super excited about that. Most likely we’ll have dinner at this cool restaurant down-town and have drinks by the pool if the weather is good. It’s going to be great.

Life is a little rough at the moment with my mom being sick and hurting her back. Luckily she can walk, but she’s struggeling around the house so I do what I can to help her. I will try to write a post every day from today, Tomorrow I will be super busy from morning to bedtime, but on Tuesday I will  be posting an update. If I’m not writing it’s because I’m still adjusting to my the new situation regarding my mom being sick.

Thanks for reading, I promise to be back soon.

  • Hetty

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