Hetty’s summer kitchen – Reay to go!


Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while, a lot has happened since I last posted. My mom hasn’t been feeling too well. But luckily she’s finally starting to get better. Then a good friend of mine in Fort Worth, TX had emergency gallbladder surgery, now another friend of mine is very sick in Fort Worth, Tx and It’s been a lot of things going on around here lately, things that normally never happens. But I’m back, things are starting to go back to normal and I’m back for good this time. I know I’ve said that before, but it’s been a long road of unexpected and complicated happenings. Now I’m back in work mode and things will be back to normal. Starting today, I’ve been un since before daylight working on my book, and now It’s breakfast and time for blogging.  I was ashamed that I hadn’t been able to post anything in a while, then a friend of mine said. ‘ Don’t be ashamed, where do you want to be in 2 years from now? You can turn this around. Be determined that from this day forward you’re going to post something every day and stick with it. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can do this I know you can!’ So that’s what I’m going to do.

Sitting here with my morning coffee, looking out in our backyard. The weather is good, it would have been better if the degrees were higher, but I’m not complaining.

I have some new recipes coming up this week, I’m really excited about it. I’m making real Greek Frappe, Sausage and broccoli pasta, and family tuna salad recipe. These three recipes are coming up this week. Next week I will be sharing the worlds best chocolate cake recipe, perfect for any occasion, in our family, my mom always makes it for my B-day but this year we’re making an exception just for y’all to be able to get a hold of this amazing recipe. there are a lot of cool recipes coming up this week and next so stay tuned for more. Below you will find the list of what recipes will be available this week. I will also give a hunch on what topic I will be talking about this week in Hett’s food talk.


  • Tuna salad (family recipe)
  • Sausage and broccoli pasta
  • Greek Frappe

Topics that will come up Hetty’s food talk:

  •  The Antica Macelleria Falorni in Greve in Chianti ( let’s dive into the history of this amazing, world known butcher shop in the heart of Tuscany. )
  • Sauces – discovery, two bases, and a million choices.

This was it for today, I’m looking forward to tomorrows post, and tomorrows post will be my very own Greek recipe on Frappe. I’m super excited to share this recipe with Y’all.

I hope y’all have an amazing day and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

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