Sauces – two sauces a million options

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Food talk Tuesday, today I’m going to talk about sauces. It’s a lot more fun than you might think. y’all know that this summer I’m learning how to make sauces.I’m really excited about it, most likely that will happen in July. But let’s take a deeper dive into sauces. there are millions of sauces in this world, different prep methods, different flavors, different ingredients.

Two sauces stand out from the crowd; gravy and béchmel sauce.  These two are known as basic sauces. Take gravy, for instance, you can make a lot of different sauces using the base for the gravy.  Red wine sauce, pepper sauce, venison sauces, a variety of cream sauces etc.  When it comes to the béchmel sauce you can use the same base to make the mornay sauce( which is béchmel sauce with cheese)  or mustard sauce. You can also use them for what they are the gravy is perfect for a lot of different dishes, so is the béchmel sauce. This summer I’m learning how to make béchmel sauce and gravy and I’m super excited about it.

The béchmel sauce also known as “white sauce” is known as the mother sauce of French cuisine. Even though you might think that the béchmel sauce is French you’re mistaken because it’s actually Italian. Where does it originally come from? Well, let me tell you a little about that.

In Italy the béchmel sauce is called Besciamelle witch is the Italian equivalent for the French béchmel sauce. The base for the sauce is very easy, only consisting of a roux. Flour, butter, and milk. The sauce originally comes from the Renaissance in Tuscany, at that time the sauce was known as Coletta or Salsa Colla which means “glue sauce” because of the consistency of the sauce. The sauce was first brought to France in 1533 by the well known Catherina de’Medici. Then Louis de béchmel a d Marquis Nointel got the honorary for bringing the sauce to King LouisXIV attention and as a result, the sauce was named after Louis de béchmel.  Back in Italy, the sauce was prominent Italian cooking context of the Renaissance as Salsa Colla.  My family uses the béchmel sauce or the mornay sauce a lot in our family. For vegetable stews, gratins or when my mom makes her famous lasagna. You can season and flavor the sauce as much or as little as you might want. We usually use garlic, cheese, pepper, and nutmeg as a seasoning for he béchmel sauce and for the mornay sauce. I’m super excited about learning how to make this sauce this summer.

Moving from one base sauce to another, now let’s talk about gravy.  Gravy is usually made from juices that naturally run of the meat while cooking, but you can also use broth as a substitute. Cornstarch or flour is used to thicken the gravy. You add butter, flour/cornstarch then broth or juices from a cooked meat. In béchmel you use milk, and in gravy, you use broth or juices from a cooked piece of meat. the sauce may be furthered colored and flavored by using gravy salt which basically is a simple mix of salt and caramel food coloring, some also prefer using gravy browning which is gravy salt dissolved in water. Gravy is commonly served with meatloaf, a large variety of meats, but also for potatoes and rice.

There are hundreds of ideas how and what to use the gravy for. Giblet Gravy, red-eye-gravy, mushroom gravy, onion gravy, vegetable gravy, brown gravy, cream gravy and many more. We all know that throughout U.S. gravy is eaten with Thanksgiving foods such as turkey, mash potatoes, and stuffing. But on in the south, a sausage gravy eaten with biscuits is commonly eaten as well, as well as white gravy for chicken fried steak, rice, and gravy these are a staple of Cajun and Creole cuisine that is often used in the southern kitchen of Louisiana.

Béchmel sauce and Gravy is commonly used all over the country and in the world. I’m looking forward learning the two of them this summer.

This was a sauce history lesson form my side of the kitchen today. Maybe you learned something new, maybe not. Either way, I’m happy you decided to stop by.

I hope all of you have an amazing Tuesday so far, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

Coming up tomorrow: Food trucks, what a wonderful invention

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