A cup of blueberry tea

Hey everyone!

Today the weather is better than yesterday, the sun is shining even though the wind is still pretty strong.

Another day with blueberry tea instead of my usual coffe, still feeling a little under the weather and aparently blueberry is supposed to do the trick. I was suppsed to go to the grocery store this week, but since I wasn’t feeling too good I decided to order my groceries online instead. Food-delivery services have become more popular over the years, and I can see why. I do love going to the grocery store though, to pick and choose from the ingredients I see in fornt of me. See what goes well with what and witch products are in perfect shape. The thing about ordering groceries online is that you don’t get to pick your vegetbales as you see them, you  put your trust in others do it for you. This can be a problem if the person have no clue what’s good and bad. For example, last week I ordered some strawberries in this online grocery store. They where in really bad shape, and I mean they litterally had fur. when I’m  picking up a basket of starwberries in my local grocery store I make sure that the strawberries are eatable. But aside from the vegetebal and fruit selectioion theese people do online gorcery shopping is perfect when you’re not feeling too good. We all need groveries even though we’re feeling a little under the weather, so as an alternative to drive down to the local grocery store when you’re feeling like the only comfterble place to be is at home it’s a great alternative.

From blueberry tea, online shopping and feeling a little under the weather to something else. What do you all think about milkshakes? I mean back in the day people used to go out for milkshakes after school, either to the dairyshack or a local diner that had the best milkshakes in town. Now It’s all about the coffee, and I love coffee but every once in a while I get the cravings for a good milkshake. That is why I’ve decided to give you my favorite recipe for milkshakes this week and I’m really excited about it. I  might actually make three. One chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry. I have to check if I have all the ingredients but hopefully I do. This will be fun, I haven’t made Milkshakes in a while so I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be signing off Hetty’s home kitchen for tonight, I hope all of you have an amazing Tuesday, and remember that if you’re feeling a little under the weather try a cup a blueberry tea, two teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of honey,  maybe it will do the trick.

I hope to see all of you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty

Ps.. I forgot to take a photo of my blueberry tea, I will update this post tomorrow with a photo.

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