Hetty’s herb/Evoo marinade

Hey everyone!

Its Saturday, my aunt Liv is visiting. I’m exhausted because lucky me got some

Kind of virus, so I’m balancing between sleeping, eating, and taking painkillers. So yet another morning with blueberry tea with honey for me.

But sick or not sick, dinner needs to be made and I’m really excited about it. I was supposed to make pork tenderloin but we’re having chicken fillets instead, served with rice and a Greek salad.

I’m making my Evoo and herb marinade for the chicken. The thing I love about this marinade is that not only is it extremely almost embarrassingly easy to make but it goes with everything. Beef, pork, chicken or turkey. It’s perfect and you can easily spice it up a notch by adding chili flakes or garlic. So today I’m proudly giving you my Evoo/herb marinade/glaze.


EVOO ( Extra virgin olive oil)



Fresh thyme

Fresh parsley

Fresh rosemary

Fresh oregano

How to make Hetty’s herb/Evoo marinade;

1. Start by washing the herbs, then chop them up and put them aside.

2. Brush the chicken with olive oil, rub in the salt and pepper before rubbing in the fresh chopped herbs.

It’s as simple as that, and it tastes amazing.

I’m signing off the kitchen today, exhausted after a long day. I hope all of you have an amazing Saturday and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.


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