Sunday fun-day with Hetty

IMG_1418[1]Hey everyone!

I’ve had a great weekend with family. I’m happy it all went so well, the food turned out great, and having my aunt Liv over for dinner was great. I was supposed to make milkshakes for today’s post, but somebody drank up all the milk, and when I just minutes ago ordered this week’s groceries online I forgot to buy milk. But most likely I’ll be going downtown to the local grocery store just in time for the weekend, I’ll be sure to pick up a bottle of milk so I can make the long wanted milkshakes next Saturday or Sunday.

I got some good stuff coming out this week, some food talk posts, one about the New York food culture and there will be a new recipe or two, maybe, even more. All this is coming up this week. I’m excited about starting a new week with new posts.

Tomorrow I’m starting the new week and the morning with coffee and most likely not blueberry tea. We’re getting another heat wave this week, It’s nice but yet it’s not because we only got A/C in the living room which means the rest of the house is like a 400-degree oven on speed. Basically, I will be working from the living room the next week or so and not in my office. ( because my home office will then be a 400-degree oven on speed. )

I will give you a more detailed plan on what will be coming up this week, what kind of recipes I’ll be making and posting and what topics I will be talking about.

I hope all of you have an amazing Sunday so far and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post.

Signing off the kitchen for tonight, see Y’all tomorrow.

  • Hetty

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