Sunday with Hetty


Hey everyone!

It’s Sunday, Sunday-fun day.  I’m spending my day drinking coffee, happy that the A/C is working, and even though I want to be outside in the sun I need to be concentrating on writing. Sometimes you have to choose whether or not you want to work to reach your goals or if you want to get a tan. My vote goes to reaching my goal, even though I got a little sidetracked yesterday by saying that I would be out in the sun, relaxing, writing and getting a tan. Let’s face it that ain’t a reality right now. What I need to do is get my head in the game and get everything ready in time for my deadline, work on my blog posts and be focused on my goal. I can’t afford to get distracted. This is what I want, so this is what I’m going to do. There is no law against being sidetracked for a minute, as long as you get your head in the game soon thereafter. I’m here, I’m focused and I’m going to work my a** off to reach my goals.

Enough about that. Let’s see what’s on the schedule for today. I was supposed to go to a pre- 4th of July party in the park today, but apparently they closed the train station and the busses are a nightmare on its own because they don’t really have a system that’s working these days. It’s supposed to be “Buss for trains” basically meaning that they were driving people in buses instead since they closed the train, but the busses have the strangest stops and they don’t really follow the whole train rout system. So It’s basically a chaotic situation witch no one really has any control over. I even read in the local paper that people are passing out on these busses because the A/C aren’t working and the busses are so full that it’s almost insane. So I didn’t get to go to this years pre- 4th of July party in the park. Maybe next year, maybe next year.

This was a lot of wired non-food related talk all at once. But let’s talk about food, I’m sitting here trying to plan this weeks menu. Most of my food budget went into the 4th of July party. But 4th of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter are also sharing the first place with 4th of July.

The full list of posts and new recipes coming up this week will be posted tomorrow. I’m really excited about this week’s posts.

I’m working on the list as we speak, as for now it looks like it will be at least three new recipes coming out this week. I can’t promise anything yet, but so far that’s what it looks like.

Signing off for today,  for dinner today I’m making chicken fillet seasoned with a steak seasoning mix, served with rice and a tomato salad on the side. Easy, simple and tasty. I barely got time to eat today so I just had to throw something quick and easy together.

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