Hetty’s pork stir-fry summer editon.


Hey everyone!

Enjoying my morning coffee, looking forward to sharing today’s recipe with all of you. This is a recipe that my mom actually came up with a few weeks ago. She wanted to make a stir-fry without any sauce because she was sick and tired of using the same stir-fry sauces over and over again. Since she didn’t have anything to make a sauce with decided to make a stir-fry without any sauce yet the result was amazing and all the flavors from the meat and the vegetables where central and mixed with EVOO and butter this dish turned out really good. My mom always comes up with new inspiring dishes and ways to cook. She always inspires me, inside and outside the kitchen. What inspires you to cook or should I say whom? Maybe your grandmother, your mother? or maybe your favorite TV-chef?  We all have our own “person” the one who made us fall in love with cooking are the reason we want to keep cooking, and part of the reason why we want to keep cooking, keep getting better in the kitchen. I have four people who keep inspiring me to keep cooking. First my mom, then my grandmother then last but not least Sunny Anderson and Rachel Ray.  I do of course have many TV-chefs I like and enjoy watching their shows on Food Network to mention some of them; Guy Fieri, Ina Garden, Ree Drummond, and many more. The list is long and never-ending, there are millions of good cooks around the world and most of them don’t have their own Tv-show but some of them do.

it’s easy to become overwhelmed these days. So many recipes, so much talk about food. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and it’s perfectly ok. We cook, we clean, we take care of the household and try to keep the family together all at once either you have kids or not. On top of that, we sit down every Sunday to schedule what to eat for the upcoming week. Sometimes it’s easy, but a lot of the times it’s hard and especially if you’re all out of ideas. You desperately start googling at full speed. Even though I try my best to come up with new recipes every week I have the same problem. Sometimes my brain goes completely blank, I can’t seem to figure out a single dish to make. What do I do? well, I start doing something completely different than thinking, like go for a walk, make Sunday’s dinner or watch a movie or something that has nothing do about thinking about my problem. Then after a while, the ideas start to pop up. Just relax, do something else for a while and then suddenly you will get a great idea. Sometimes watching your favorite TV-show on food network gives you some ideas or inspiration as well. They can make apple pie and suddenly you get the idea to make filled mushrooms served with a tomato salad. It’s wired how inspiration gets to us sometimes cannot be forced it comes naturally and out of the blue. You can easily be naturally inspired by watching your favorite chef cook on TV as well as when you’re at the beach and suddenly get a great idea for a new and improved BBQ marinade. Now, the time has come to share my mom’s very own, super easy, super tasty stir-fry recipe with y’all and I’m really excited about it, hopefully, you are too. Here we go, today’s new recipe perfect for any day of the week. This recipe serves One-two people. If you want to make this recipe for more than one-two people you can simply add the quantity of the ingredients, and that’s the beauty of it, it’s so simple to make more.


1 pound of sliced pork

1 Red bell pepper

4 carrots

9 oz. Egg noodles

8 oz. Canned water chestnuts



Dried basil


  1. Add some butter and some EVOO into a saute pan. Peel the carrots and slice them up into circles. Wash the bell pepper, cut it in half before slicing it up into thin slices. When the butter has melted add the carrots and the bell pepper. Cook until they reach a soft consistency. Season with Salt, pepper and dried basil.
  2. Add some butter and EVOO into an iron skillet. When the butter has melted add in the meat. Season with salt and pepper. Let the meat cook until it reaches a golden color.
  3. When the sauteed vegetables are soft, add in the water chestnuts. When the meat has reached a golden color add it into the saute pan and mix it well together with the vegetables. Let it all simmer together for about 4-5 minutes while the egg noodles are cooking. Serve it all up in a serving bowl mixed together or in separate plates.

I hope all of you like this recipe as much as we do, it’s super easy and it’s super tasty.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Wednesday/Humpday so far and I hope to see all of you back here tomorrow for a new post.

  • Hetty


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