Hetty’s Zucchini/Parma roll


Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday so far, today I wanted to make something a little different than I usually do, more specifically an appetizer. It’s been another Sunday with great weather and I’ve spent the day with family. Sunday fun-day with family is the best. I love my family, we have arguments and all that as every family does but I’m grateful that I have such an amazing family.

Do you like zucchini? I love zucchini, it’s so good, and you can use it for almost anything. I often use grilled zucchini and mushrooms as a side dish for a variety of main course dishes. I really do like zucchini and there are a million reasons why. But I’m not going to dive into the million reasons why right now, that’a story for another time.

Appetizers are great for a party, or as a snack on the weekends. ( or the weekdays for that matter. Don’t really know why I said the weekends. Maybe because it’s Sunday and I made it today. ) hah, that was wired. Anyway, I’ve made today’s dish many times before but without the zucchini. Today I wanted to make it with zucchini because I really loved the idea of the combo. It turns out it was a really good combo.


1 Zucchini

4 slices of Parma ham

9 oz. Mozzarella

2 TBS Sliced sun-dried tomatoes

8 Toothpicks


  1. Wash the zucchini and cut it in half lengthwise. Use a vegetable peeler or a cheese slicer to cut long and thin slices of zucchini until you have four. Take one slice of zucchini and lay it on a chopping board, put one slice of Parma ham on top.
  2. Slice up the mozzarella and cut it into dices or smaller pieces. Then add four pieces on top of the ham, and sprinkle some sun-dried tomatoes on top before you start rolling it together. Use two toothpicks to pin it all together. Be careful when you move them around so it doesn’t fall apart.
  3. Put some butter and EVOO into an iron skillet on high heat. When the butter has melted add in the zucchini rolls and fry them in the pan for about 5 seconds on each side before they’re done.

It’s super easy to make them all fall apart, so I normally make a little more than I need just in case a few of them doesn’t make it. These zucchini/Parma/sun-dried tomato/mozzarella rolls are super tasty and the ingredients itself gives you so much flavor that you don’t need to season it at all. But if you feel like it needs seasoning you can basically season it with whatever you want. I hope all of you like this recipe as much as we do.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Sunday so far, and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for a new post. Coming up tomorrow is Hetty’s weekly update and we’ll be taking a closer look at what’s coming up this week, and witch new recipes will be available and when. I’m super excited to share this upcoming weekly plan with all of you tomorrow I can hardly wait.

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