Hetty’s fresh herb mix tip

Hey everyone!

Today the power went out, so we ended up playing board games. We had a great time, my mom and I love to play a good board game during thunderstorms or when the power goes out. We also play a lot of board games during the holidays when I come to think of it. It’s always so much fun.

On food talk with Hetty today I’m going to be talking about a herb mix that never can go wrong and that you can use for anything. Yes, you read right.. anything.

During the spring I plant the five herbs I use the most out in a large flower pots out on our deck. Parsley, rosemary, thyme, chives and oregano. That way I can use them all summer. During the winter I try my best to plant fresh herbs in my kitchen but they just don’t want to survive. Either it’s too dark or too sunny or it’s too cold or too hot. It simply does not work, what so ever. But it’s summer time and I have my herbs out on the deck and they’re loving it out there.

In my fresh herb mix that I use in almost anything I have parsley, rosemary, chives, oregano and thyme. I gently wash them, dry them in sine paper towels and chop them up. Don’t chop them up too much because then they loose flavor. I use this herb mix for vegetables, potatoes, a variety of meat like chicken, turkey, stakes, ground beef, pork. I also use it in marinades, and in sauces. It’s a perfect blend, and I really like the flavors and the aromas these herbs make together. It’s almost like magic.

I hope you liked my herb mix tip. This was it for today due to the power going on and off. I hope all of you are having an amazing Thursday so far and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new and longer post.


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