Hetty’s summer disaster – saved.


Hey everyone!

Today’s recipe I messed up as bad. But in a strange kind of way, it sort of worked. Let me start at the beginning. first of all, you got to know this; I have never ever in my life had do deal with mascarpone.

So what happened was that I was supposed to make this super delish dessert with mascarpone cream and fresh strawberries topped with crushed pistachio nuts on top.  It all started with me forgetting to buy pistachio nuts. Then it’s the whole thing about me not ever being near mascarpone. So I took the mascarpone out of the fridge, then I washed the strawberries. Then came the time to open up the mascarpone, I opened it and I tasted it. I didn’t really know what to think of the flavor. It was nothing like anything I’ve ever tasted before. It was a new flavor to me, at first I was thinking ” ok? does this taste good or bad, I can’t really tell.”  Then it hit me that it might be good with strawberries even though it didn’t taste super good at first try. I dipped a strawberry in the mascarpone and took a bite. To be honest it went perfectly together. So I took a tablespoon of mascarpone then three strawberried then a tablespoon of mascarpone then a layer of strawberries and so on until I reached the top of the serving glass.

It tasted good all in all. But then I realized that this is not how one should do this, you should cook the mascarpone with cream and vanilla in a saucepan to make a cream like consistency and a great flavor. I felt stupid for not knowing this and for not doing a good enough research of the mascarpone. So even though my result came out ok, I wish I’d done more research and made a great flavored mascarpone cream instead of pure mascarpone and strawberries. But you learn as long as you live, so I guess this was a new and interesting experience and something I’ve learned. I wanted to tell you about this experience because it’s important to know that you will fail a hundred times and it’s perfectly fine. Sometimes you manage to save the disaster and sometimes you don’t. I’m not sure if I saved my dessert or not. Would I serve it? I would have gone for the cream version with vanilla if I had the chance and If I’d known. So I recommend that, but if you do love the flavor of pre mascarpone then you should try what I did. The only reason why I’m a little on sure of this whole dessert situation is that I’ve never worked with mascarpone before so I’m not really sure how it’s supposed to taste, or if you’re supposed to add flavors or not. But sometime this fall, I will try and make something with mascarpone again and I will add the cream and the vanilla and we’ll see how that goes. But as I said, if you do love the flavor of the mascarpone then go for it because in a wired way it was actually pretty good.

Hope this post didn’t come off as a total disaster, but I’m not giving up on anything. Tomorrow is a new day, and time for a new post, and hopefully tomorrow’s recipe will be better than today’s recipe.  For the record, I just realized that I messed this week weekly plan totally up. I’m sorry, the recipes I’ve posted this week have not matched the weekly plan on which days it was supposed to be posted. I’m truly sorry about that, I will on the other hand post all of this weeks planned recipes, even though they don’t get posted in the right order. And I’m sorry that I forgot to add the peaches to this recipe. This week is going totally wrong, and I’m so, so sorry that everything is a mess. The thing is that I’ve got a lot of family sickness in the family lately and It’s been a tough time for all of us. Anyway, coming up tomorrow is grilled cheese sandwich or a Hetty’s surprise post. ( It depends on how my family is doing.  But either way, it’s going to be a great post, I can promise you that. )

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