Next week, life and .. it’s complicated.

Hey Everyone!

Where to begin.. I’ve spent my day trying to figure out what to make for dinner next week. My mom’s sick, her doctor comes back from vacation next Thursday, that would be August 7th. I’ll do my very best to get her an appointment that day..My life is complicated at the moment. I’m spending my days writing, trying to fix my stupid printer who’ve decided to not to be a printer anymore. I’m also doing my best to figure out what to eat and what to make for dinner the next week.. then my mom is sick and I’m worried.. really worried. But hopefully we’ll get some answers when her doctor gets back.

I’m so sorry to talk about so much non food related topics today.. it’s just .. complicated!

Anyway, as I said above. Ive been working on next weeks dinner ideas. I’ve come up with a few and a side from everything going on around here I think next week will be a good blog week. I have some new tips and tricks about ice cream desserts and a few new recipes coming up next week that I’m so excited to share with all of you.

Again, I’m so sorry that this was a little off food topic post.


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