Hetty’s food talk Friday; Bring back Family breakfast and family dinners


Hey everyone!

It’s Friday, another weekend is upon us. I’m spending my weekend working on my book and planing next weeks dinner and blog posts. I got a few new recipes coming up that I’m super excited to share with Y’all. Today we have a rainstorm, sitting in my home office looking out on the cold rain hitting my window. It’s actually pretty cozy.

Today I’m going to talk about Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I love a good breakfast in the morning. Every time there is a holiday we normally have a large family breakfast and I love it. The feeling of getting out of bed in the morning knowing you’re making breakfast for the whole family is pretty good. I wake up, go downstairs and the first thing I do is put on the coffee.  Then I put on my favorite things on the breakfast table, ham, cheese, peanut butter, jam, scrambled eggs, grave lax, smoked salmon, sandwich buns, croissant, orange juice or apple juice, butter, and of course coffee. I try to make it look nice, I put on a new tablecloth, then I use some of our finest plates and glass. I would also add some candles, and maybe some flowers to the table to make it complete. This sounds fancy and maybe a little over the top, but the truth is that It’s not expensive. It’s all about using what you have laying around and to be creative on how you can make a great breakfast table using the elements you already have at home. As for the food you buy the things you like to eat and have a small or medium variety for your guest to choose what they like to eat, so a little of this and a little of that and you’re sure that there is something for everyone. Gather the family around the kitchen or dining table and have a nice family breakfast. I think sharing a meal together as a family is important. It doesn’t matter if your family is two or fifteen, it’s a nice thing to do and I encourage people to have meals together because it means so much more than you can ever imagine, the family is everything.

I see more and more people are eating alone, and it’s heartbreaking. I know that a family of five have three kids to drive to a variety of things, dad’s working late or Mom has a late meeting. But that is not an excuse for not having dinner together. There is always room for a family dinner. I remember when I grew up, me and my mom would always have dinner together at the dining table, she always included me in the kitchen and I always helped her in the kitchen. Every Sunday we would have a family dinner at my grandmothers  ( she lived upstairs.) My aunt would come over, and we would always have a great time. I remember sometimes all I wanted to do was to order pizza or eat at our place( downstairs.) But to this very day, I’m so grateful for all the family dinners we had. It’s important to have family meals together, breakfast during the weekends and family dinners. It’s important to transfer the traditions we had growing up to our kids. That way our kids will know the value of eating together as a family and how important it is to have traditions and how important it is to have family dinners.

We live in a world filled with technology, people eat in front of the TV, the kids eat in their rooms, some are using their tablets and phones during dinner or breakfast. I don’t know how it all got this way, but I know one thing and that is that when we sit down to eat a meal together as a family, if it’s me and my mom or if it’s the whole family we don’t use any type of technology. We can take photos of the food, the table etc before we start eating but the second we sit down we are technology free. There was a time when we used to watch TV when we had dinner, but not anymore. My family means everything to me, and I’m so happy to be apart of my family. We have family a little all over the place, some in Italy, some in France, some in Norway some in the states. But we normally celebrate the holidays with my aunt who lives in Norway and that goes for family dinners as well.

I know that it’s not always easy to gather the family for a family dinner or a family breakfast but they key is to never give up. Like everything else in, life if you will be successful you need to work hard to make it happen. Invite your family over for Sunday dinners every Sunday. Talk to your family members and get to an agreement to have family dinners together every Sunday. When it comes with the family living in your own house, be firm and put your foot down regarding technology during family meals, Encourage them to take photos of the food( if they normally do that.) before sitting down to eat. Taking family photos are of course exceptions. That’s another thing, take family photos as often as you can, including when Y’all are having meals together and instead of making a family album on Facebook you can easily add the photos you’ve taken to a memory stick and bring it to a photo-store and print out the photos into real photos like they good-old-days and make your own good-old-fashioned photo album. If you ask me, photo albums are one of the most valuable things we have in our home. Memories, photos of things we have forgotten and that are fun to look at again, or photos of funny family dinners, holidays and other valuable and documented memories.

I’m going to do my very best to bring back family breakfasts during the weekend and family Sunday dinners. At the moment it’s a challenge because we got some sickness in the family that currently are complicated and the person suddenly needs three days without food and sometimes that happens during the weekend. The person I’m talking about is going to the doctor’s office on Tuesday and we will know more in a two week period of time. Having a sick family member is difficult when you don’t know what’s wrong. But I try not to worry too much, but I do anyway.

This was it for today, I’, signing off the kitchen for today, and I hope to see y’all back here tomorrow for a new post. I hope all of you are having an amazing Friday morning, and I hope all of you have an amazing weekend filled with new memories and family fun.

  • Hetty

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